API 调用说明

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-introduction :-

       "Mxcz.net Encrypt" (API)  Was established to help web developers and programmers to take advantage of the "Encrypt" services , the current version is 0.1 API and services

        include the following:

            - encrypt  service : to encrypt custom text into available encryption type .

            - types service : to get all encryption types that available in the service .


        you can get three output formats as a result of the encryption

            1- Normal Text (text / plain) .

            2- XML format .

            3- JSON format .


1- encrypt service :-

        to encrypt custom text into available encryption type and it's located at



            Parameters :-

                text = the word that we want to encrypt it . must be encoded with EncodeURl before request the service .

                type = type of encryption (md5 in this case)(22 type available) .

                format = the format of the result (you can use : xml , text , json)(text by default)  .

                codepage = Need some type of code page encoding (you can use : utf-8 , gb2312 , big5 , euc-jp , euc-kr)(utf-8 by default)  .


                you can pass to the extract service these types:-


            md5encode                     - MD5 Encryption

            sha1encode                    - SHA1 Encryption

            sha256encode                - SHA256 Encryption

            sha384encode                - SHA384 Encryption

            sha512encode                - SHA512 Encryption

            crc32encode                 - CRC32 Encryption

            base64encode                - Base 64 Encode

            base64decode                - Base 64 Decode

            quotedprintableencode   - Quoted-Printable Encode

            quotedprintabledecode   - Quoted-Printable Decode

            garbleddecode                - Carbled Char Decode

            emaildecode                    - Email Encode

            rot13encode                    - ROT-13 Encode

            rot13decode                    - ROT-13 Decode

            unicodeencode                 - Unicode Encode

            unicodedecode                 - Unicode Decode

            uuencodeencode              - UUencode Encode

            uuencodedecode              - UUEncode Decode

            hexencode                        - Hex Encode

            hexdecode                        - Hex Decode

            sqlinjectionencode            - Sql Injection Encode

            sqlinjectiondecode            - Sql Injection Decode



            Example :-



            result :-






                <?xml version="1.0" ?>





2- types service :-

        to get all encryption types that available in the service .and it's located at



        and you can get the result in three formats ( text , xml , json )

              example :-



            result :-    







                <?xml version="1.0" ?>
                          <name> md5encode </name>


                          <name> sha1encode </name>
                          <name> sha512encode </name>